sex KiKi in depth


sex KiKi is a pop-up forum that provides space for the QTPOC community to discuss sexuality and its connection to self-care, health, relationships, and so much more.  Sometimes, sex KiKi is just an intimate hang out session. It may be a small group of people gathered to share food, drinks, and stories; sometimes about awkward first dates! Other times, sex KiKi is a large educational workshop. We may have skilled facilitators teach you how to Vogue, embrace your inner Dominatrix, or provide tips for practicing safe sex. Essentially, we KiKi (which means kickback with friends over good conversation, sip/spill tea, or offer moral support) about sexuality. Although sex KiKi comes in many forms, one thing you can always count on is that we center our discussions around black/queer/trans/womxn and femmes.

Which brings us to a more important question: Why does sex KiKi exist? Only a few years ago, sex KiKi was created by Coriama in order to fill a void that exists in the queer community. Coriama sought out to create a space where folx could feel brave enough to embark on a journey of intimate healing, as we combat oppressive narratives about blackness, beauty, queerness, sexuality, and femininity. Utilizing pleasure as a tool of revolution, sex KiKi began to provide support, education, and wellness resources to an underserved segment of the LGBTQIA population. We continue to focus on dismantling societal misconceptions of what it means to be femme, black and/or queer, and loving. Until recently, you'd be hard pressed to find positive images of black, queer, and FEMME pleasure in modern media. We aim to provide representation that has been missing in our society. sex KiKi, brings to light the importance of understanding desire, both sexually and emotionally, and owning the satisfaction of its' acknowledgment.

Who is sex KiKi for?

Queer black womxn and femmes, of course! However, we understand that our lives, and the people we share them with, are intersectional. This is why we welcome all friends, lovers, and allies to join us, we encourage a conscious intent when attending sex KiKi forums & events. Having an open mind is essential when learning something new, so please come with a mindful spirit no matter how you identify. We do, however, value sacred space for POC, so events that are exclusive to POC will be expressed in event details.