sex KiKi in Bloom


sex KiKi, a place for bottoms and tops, sensualists, and kinky beginners is in bloom to bring sex- positive multimedia during a time when the interwebs stifle erotic expressions, particularly for those who are queer and people of color. SESTA and FOSTA have made it hard for sex workers, and even harder for sex workers of color. We stand in solidarity with our community as we find ways to sustain ourselves and our work. This is an ode to Black is Beautiful, Audre Lorde's “Uses of the Erotic”, and Black sexuality. We position the erotic as a healing art, which is necessary for our liberation and freedom. We meet consent with enthusiasm and reside at the intersection of practicality and pleasure.  We are showcasing content that helps us process, gain perspective, and be mindfully aroused. Pleasure is something we can access, create, and share among the community. It’s our form of resistance, and we are excited and can’t wait to share content! Here’s what to expect:

The Voice: Our community Bulletin will be our online publication, a space to share and learn from one another’s point of view. We welcome personal essays, culture pieces, columns giving free-flowing advice and first-hand experiences, interviews, and poetry. Submit works to our Editorial Director Joyce Famakinwa via

The Real: Our Podcast, we are re-launching to bring you candid conversations with people in the sex industry and personal stories from people who are sex-positive. We are excited for P Power Radio to be producing our podcast and bringing their expertise and passion. You can find our podcast on Itunes, Podomatic, and SoundCloud.

The Popup: We value in-person engagement, so our forum is making a come back. We took a break from our regular programming to regroup and think about how to show up in a more impactful way. We are excited to continue the community Ki this Spring! If you have a topic you want to talk about or have an intimate venue you suggest we pop up in, submit ideas to me at and stay updated by visiting the events page on our site.

The Web series: With our series Queer The Air, we are making room for an underrepresented perspective within the LGBTQIA community regarding pleasure, sex, and relationships. We had a successful pilot and fundraiser and are SUPER excited to share the first season featuring contemporary pioneers in their respective industries. Coming May 2019.

The Porn: sex KiKi presents, a sensually accessible erotic film platform that centers Black queer and trans folks. We are bored with the current visual reality of Porn, particularly with Black bodies. So this summer, we are launching an erotic film platform to give you sensual material that uplifts and centers the pleasure and spectrum of fluid Black sexuality. If you want to be a part of production or perform in one of our films contact Courtney Morrison Head of Production at

We hope you are as excited as we are and offer your contribution to making this platform a community effort! We are encouraged by a consent centered culture and love feedback and constructive critiques. With visually stimulating images of our love, relationships, and sexuality so that we too can bloom and feel connected to our creative selves and overall community.



Creative Director