The cutting room floor: more with Dr. Zelaika Clarke

Oshun vibes

Oshun vibes

Earlier this month Dr. Zelaika Hepworth Clarke talked to us about everything from sexual decolonization to Oshun, the Yoruba deity of sensuality and sexuality. Here are a few more gems from that conversation.

Dr. Clarke on decolonization:

“I think I have to be careful sometimes when doing decolonizing work how subconsciously I may be continuing colonial projects. You've heard, you can’t dismantle the master's house with his tools. I don't want to limit myself, so I'm not using those tools. Also, not focusing so much on dismantling when we have to build other houses for ourselves. This way instead of having to come out, we can come in, come into a community instead of this being a part of these [colonial] structures.”

Dr. Clarke on senses and sexuality:

“I created this model [the auto-sexual decolonization model] that speaks to the importance of self-love and unlearning the negative effects of colonization to revive our inherent power, pleasure, and joy that can be derived through the body and through the senses. Sex doesn't have to revolve around the genitalia. Other parts can be pleasurable, your ear can be a sex organ for example with eargasms, and the joy that music and sound can bring. Even sight, taste and touch, all of these things where my body was actually telling me what I like and what I don't.”

Dr. Clarke on healing:

“I think a big part of the work is going to be doing work on ourselves so that we can uplift our community, and create space to imagine what a utopia would look like.”

Dr. Clarke on tapping into our resources:

“I think of our elders as a source of information. Also, seek out mentors within our communities and nurture these support systems, this allows us to be able to unleash the healing capacities within us.”