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We are a sex-positive multimedia sanctuary activating erotic arts, culture, and education. Our community centers and uplifts the voices of Black queer womxn and femmes. We facilitate a sex- positive community that values the spectrum of Black sexuality. We believe in sex as a healing art, and understand its partnership with sensuality, sexual exploration, and safe sex practices. We reside at the intersection of practicality and pleasure. sex KiKi’s purpose is to step outside of convention and bring light to an explorative take on physical and emotional connection. We aim to teach, but also hope to learn and grow alongside our community. We provide a brave space for womxn and femmes to share experiences while creating radical femme camaraderie. We do this in both a judgement-free and down-to-earth environment. sex KiKi is grounded in three main principles that we cherish: Intimacy, Empowerment, and Joy.


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