Episode 01| Wildcat Howl


Episode 01| 24/7 Kink and Pet Play with Wildcat Howl

Kicking off The sex KiKi, Coriama and Angelique share what they've been writing about in their sex journals. Angelique, with her love for "the bush", explores her body hair thoughts and overall connection with dolphins. Coriama talks about her feline power and connection to big cats and how it's helped her explore and embody eroticism and sensuality. Identifying that pet play can be a mechanism to explore human desires and capacity for playfulness in interpersonal relationships. This episode explores 24/7 kink and pet play with Wildcat Howl of Chicago. The following themes are explored:

-animal selves
-family and lifestyle
-sex work at a young age
-howls past experiences and how they connect with people about their life now
-articulating lifestyle to family, especially when you feel close to them
-public persona
-language-what is a handler?
-pet play for stress management
-various ways to engage pet play
-partnership and pet play
-humans learning from the animal kingdom to find out who they really are and ways to learn about ourselves
-black communities within kink that helped Howl find their voice in kink


-Just The Tip: advice segment inviting guests to answer questions from our sex KiKi forums. The question Howl answered was "do you believe interracial desire is possible without fetishization?"

-Toi Story: a segment where guests give a review, a rave, or a rant on pleasure items they've been incorporating in their sex lives.

Ki Highlights

3:23 Angelique speaks about body hair and public perspectives

4:21 Coriama talks about feline power and love languages

8:20 Howl talks about their lifestyle and externalizing their nerdiness

9:50 Howl explains they got into kink at a young age and shares their experience with Go-go dancing

13:39 Era of Howls life that wasn’t “in the closet” it just doesn’t come up, exploring privacy and close friendships and sharing lifestyles with bisexuality/pansexuality etc

19:45 What is pet play what is a handler

21:09 Wildcat Howl is a 24/7 kink headspace, pet play being a large piece of that and Howl identifying with alley cat, big cat, black panther and expressing who you are to people through other animals, particularly cats

24:41 ways to engage pet play as stress management, interacting with lovers and style

25:37 day to day pet play scenarios

27:58 Howls relationship with his partner who is a pup

33:15 scratching and clawing

37:58 race and the BDSM community

39:49 Onyx the Black/POC fraternity in the BDSM world

45:10 Just the Tip segment: do you believe interracial desire is possible without fetishization?

49:00 the inherent reality of facing oppressive structures in interracial relationships and misogyny in heterosexual relationships

53:00 exploring Angelique’s experience with white partners and exploring attraction

54:00 Toi Story segment: Howl talks about tape and what items they’ve been interacting with and engaging with for (sex) play