Episode 02| Jade T Perry


Episode 02| Black Church(ed) Women

sisabilities, Disability, and Mysticism

This week on The sex KiKi, continuing the conversation from our online publication/bulletin , Jade T Perry KiKi's with Coriama and Angelique expounding upon her feature "On Black Church(ed) Women Embracing the Erotic". During this episode, Jade speaks about her work with Mystic Soul Project and conference, a movement that supports POC's reclaiming indigenous spirituality, sharing embodied knowledge and healing practices. As a church mystic, Jade digs deep into access intimacy, living with chronic illness, sex, Bone Thugs & Harmony and so much more. The following themes are explored:

-inherent kinky nature of queerness
-ways access intimacy and centering folx nuances at the heart of pleasure based communities
- fuck ni**a as a gender-neutral term
-mindfulness and access
- verbalizing expectations
-churchy mysticism- not from the scope of the Christian church but Black diasporic healing and folklore
-sex and disability
-the divinity/complexity in sexuality
-scandalizing family in the midst of doing sex-positive work online :)
-Jade's online community which she calls her e-cousins, folk, community 
-using erotic energy to heal chronic pain/energetic orgasms/orgasmic environments
-the ever-evolving meaning/understanding/ethos of safe sex
-ways kink can liberate the Black community
-Toi Story segment
-tithes and offerings


Toi Story: a segment where guests give a review, a rave, or a rant on pleasure items they've been incorporating in their sex lives.

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Ki Highlights

1:36 Angelique talks about the inherent kinky nature of queer sex

3:03 Coriama speaks about the types of access we give to certain people/holding space in general

4:18 holding space for fu** ni**as a gender neutral ideology vs holding space in the sense of reciprocity in regards to access intimacy

6:06 embodied wisdom, short comings, and the balancing act of navigating holding space for yourself, other people, and your capacity

8:35 Jade talks about her lifestyle and how she identifies it

11:04 Jade talks about when they started their sex positive journey and the intersection of church

16:16 Jade talks about how she shares her work with her family and what she describes as “scandalizing” them

21:46 Jade talks about her online community and ways she connects with her content being sex-positive, churchly, and mystical

34:34 Jade talks about mythology and folklore about crossroads and Bone Thugs and Harmony

37:37 kink as a conduit to explore new possibilities of what we can do with our bodies and our mind

41:31 Jade explores ways she finds pleasure when dealing with health issues

46:09 rapid release therapy in sensual moments with Jade of her partner

48:46 reimagine the world to be more pleasure based in everyday life and how a lifestyle change can allow us to access more healing even in are physical acts

54:54 critique around sex positivity and understand the delusion people have when they locate access intimacy only for certain people

1:11 the black community and our complex history with submission and how that affects our understanding of pleasure

1:18 Toi Story Segment: Jade shares her pleasure items she uses in play and for chronic pain

1:25 Tithes and offerings