Who are we?




sex KiKi is grounded in three main elements 

  • Intimacy;
    a close sister to vulnerability, intimacy is important when creating connections and sustaining healthy relationships. Intimate touch, dialogue, and thoughts influence how we hold space for the people in our lives.
  • Empowerment;
    at its core, it is abundance, growth, renewal, and safety. It is the healing force of life that's guided by wisdom and instinct. It allows you to care for others because you are able to care for yourself.
  • Joy;
    symbolizes the vitality of life and sexuality. It is the combination of a passionate quest for your desires, and the arousal that comes with a successful pursuit. With these principles in mind, sex KiKi is dedicated to making open discussions on sex and  and safe sex practices less taboo.

Join us in the liberation of black queer womxn and femmes!


The crew


creative direction / founder




design / sustainability

Artist, activator, and aesthetic consultant whose work is all about the ABC’S (art, beauty, culture, and sexuality). Coriama aims to utilize the ABC’S as a means to create broader understandings of social justice, beauty sentiments, and liberation, and believes the ABC’S intersect and interact to make up the unique lens through which all of us experience life. 



Tiff Beatty

Senior Program Manager at Chicago Humanities Festival, where she brings world-class writers, makers, journalists, and activists to Chicago civic and cultural institutions. Also known as The Pyro Poet, Tiff Beatty set herself a part and Chicago’s poetry scene ablaze in 2011, manifesting Chicago’s only bonfire cypher, Art Is Bonfire, which she hosts 4-5 times a year on the south side. When she’s not learning or burning, Tiff is likely busy building utopia since saving the world as The People’s Champion for the People’s Revolution of 2017.


Courtney Cobbs


Michelle Jenea


Eli Mickey